Our Method

Top quality European manufacturing equipment and North American durum combine the best of all pasta manufacturing advantages.Constant investment in modern technologies and plant efficiencies allow us to preserve quality, while controlling price. 



 Innovative drying processes product more consistent pasta. Using alternative natural binders to both strengthen the product and control cost. 

Safety is our


 Our internal safety practices and manufacturing specifications exceed industry standards. Rigorous testing is performed on all ingredients before they enter the production facility. During production and packaging all product undergoes multiple tests and screening to ensure the safest possible finished product.

Vital Wheat Gluten

(VWG) Pastas

Medallion Foods is a 100% egg free facility. We have designed pastas that are extremely durable, without the risk of allergy and unpredictable costs of traditional “Egg-Pastas”. VWG Pastas are designed for deli-salads, frozen foods and pre-prepared soups. VWG adds days of shelf life, for better presentation and taste, and less waste.



We have a creative Research and Development team that can implement your concepts with reliability

and efficiency that will confidently make your pasta dishes stand out from the rest.

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